Crystal Spiders - Molt Vinyl LP | Black

25.09.2020 Art. Nr.: RIPLP129 Ripple Music
  • Beschreibung


Only a year after recording their three-song demo and debuting live to a hometown crowd in Raleigh, the new band helmed by bassist Brenna Leath (Lightning Born) and drummer Tradd Yancey present their first riff-worshipping full-length, Molt. Pulling from classic rock dynamics and punk intensity, psychedelic textures and bluesy swing, this is a band hewn from the same granite as contemporaries like Heavy Temple and The Well, who build upon well-trod post-Sabbath templates to blaze their own path. With forthcoming appearances at Raleigh Deathfest and Maryland Doom Fest, it’s a safe bet that Crystal Spiders will soon demand the attention of the fuzz-addicted legions far and wide.

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