Hermano - . . . Only a Suggestion (Remixed​/​Remastered) Vinyl LP | Blue

03.11.2023 Art. Nr.: RIPLP216/LP2 Ripple Music
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...Only a Suggestion is the debut studio album by the desert rock band Hermano. Featuring the voice of Kyuss, John Garcia, and an all-star line-up that included bassist Dandy Brown, drummer Steve Earle (Afghan Whigs) and guitarists Mike Callahan (Earshot) and David Angstrom (Supafuzz). After passing tapes and CDs amongst each other for six months, the band members entered the studio in early 1999 to begin recording their debut album. The new Ripple Music edition was completely remixed and remastered under the watchful eyes and ears of the band by David Barrik (mixing) and Ty Tabor (mastering).

clear blue vinyl

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