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Kingnomad - The Great Nothing Vinyl LP

06.07.2018 Art. Nr.: RIPLP081 Ripple Music
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"Brilliant, long-awaited Second album by the Swedish occult Doom rockers. Features the single “The Mysterious Agreement “

RIYL: Uncle Acid & the deadbeats. Sleep. Electric Wizard. Mars Red Sky. Black Sabbath. Orchid. Dead Meadow. Ghost.

Genre: Occult Doom Rock

Band Members
Mr Jay.

Amazing art by Anders Muammar

Hometown: Sweden

Heavy psychedelic 70s progressive doom rock.

“I don’t know what it is about Sweden but, man… their music is so good! There’s something about their art – it’s authentic, deep and passionate in so many levels. I personally hold a higher standard when it comes to Swedish music; I know I can always expect something special. When I first listened to Mapping The Inner Void, I had actually no idea Kingnomad was a Swedish band. When I found out, I could only think “Of course. It makes perfect sense.

This is some of the highest-quality, Swedish doom metal you’ll be listening to in a while. “ —More Fuzz"

LP (180g black vinyl), with special vinyl mastering, printed innersleeve and protection sleeve

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