Ozone Mama - Cosmos Calling

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"""Ozone Mama is the Ripple band I feel like I've been waiting for for years. Incredible songwriting, harmonized vocals, powerful riffs and a sense of swagger that is to die for this is the kind of group who don't give a shit, don't care if you care and who are crafting the sort of music that made me fall in love with stoner rock in the first place. Coming across almost as a tuned up more upbeat version of Black Sabbath there is an undeniable sense of fun that defines the bands latest offering Cosmos Calling.

Tied into this unique musical landscape of black flags, robot jackalopes and crystal clear production is the sense that Ozone Mama grew up listening to pelvic thrusting glam rock and are trying to counterbalance that with a dedication to grooving and shaking that none can match. There is a surreal beauty to tracks like High Ride which is so over the top and fun it feels like it pushes against so much of what Ripple stands for as a label, but simultaneously it makes sense - it's a natural growth for a band who have never played by the rules. Everyone loves a good fist pumping chorus and Cosmos Calling is chock to the brim with them!

This is the kind of music that really sinks into your bones, that reflects on the power of the genre and gets you all hyped up to go out on the town. Ozone Mama bring the magic of rock and roll to the fore and let everything else fall into place. This is a band who have a strong understanding of just what makes them special and they push it to the fore. Now that they've got that cooking it becomes more and more readily obvious that Ozone Mama is more than just another ass shaking rock and roll band, they are titans in the making. "" - Two Guys Metal Reviews"

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