Sonny Vincent - Primitive 1969-76 Vinyl LP | Galaxy

08.12.2023 Art. Nr.: RIPLP197/B1 Ripple Music
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Sonny Vincent, known as the founding member of NYC punk heroes Testors and bandmate of Bobby Liebling in the doom metal band The Limit, has unearthed a collection of the earliest recordings from his NYC proto-metal days with this new LP collection. Compiling rarely heard rocking tracks from DISTANCE (1969-71), FURY (1972), and LIQUID DIAMONDS (1973-75), as well as one of the earliest TESTORS demos from 1976, this LP collection shines a light on one of New York City’s darkest corners of proto-metal history. A must for fans of protometal, protodoom and bands like BANG, Poobah, Buffalo, JPT Scare Band and other obscure metal rarities.

black and clear galaxy vinyl

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